Our Story

Timeless jewelry, classic elegance


A love of beautiful things, an eye for details, and a touch of luxury.

The MIMORVIE Necklace sketch 


Welcome to MIMORVIE.

Vietnamese Chinese American, woman-owned.

Products designed and handcrafted in the Bay Area, California.

Supplies sourced from within the United States.

Materials created around the world.




At MIMORVIE, you’ll find luxe jewelry pieces that are classic and elegant. We share with you our love of radiant jewelry, made of precious metals born from the stars and pearls cultured from the Earth.


Our Vietnamese Chinese American family always shared with us how significant jewelry can be. From the family history of original jewelry to the inherited essence of remounted pieces, the stories carried within are timeless treasures.


They’re not just accessories. Jewelry embodies our daily routines, once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, and experiences in our lives. Jewelry has the power to evoke emotions and memories. Jewelry connects us to our loved ones.

Egg Noodle Necklace sketch


We love silver jewelry. It symbolizes important characteristics: light, kindness, intelligence, strength, and success. Visually, the shimmering sparkle and the contrast from the skin remind us: beautiful and bold, driven and confident. We want to help empower you. MIMORVIE jewelry is our way of cheering you on.


In the jewelry space, many options are gold with silver as an afterthought, or gold only. We bridge this gap with beautiful silver jewelry in original designs created in-house and in classic interpretations. Pearls introduce iridescence and stunning contours to our jewelry. And we have a few pretty gold pieces too.


Most of our jewelry pieces have cheerful names of our favorite Asian foods and drinks. Food connects people, and while our jewelry is not edible, we hope that MIMORVIE jewelry names bring you extra smiles and that you know you are a part of our community. 


Welcome to MIMORVIE. Enjoy timeless jewelry, classic elegance.