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Looks like OO(O): if you need me, don’t call me


Classic hoops that go with basically anything.

14K gold-fill.

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Our 14K gold-fill is radiant and will complete your look for the day with shining details. 5% of total jewelry weight of 14K gold alloy layered over base metal. The gold layer is up to 100 times thicker than gold-plated and is longer lasting and better quality. It is also generally considered comfortable for those with sensitive skin. Enjoy the glimmering sparkle.

Jewelry care

Jewelry needs gentle love and care to minimize scuffs, dullness, and tarnish.

Last on, first off: put on jewelry last when getting ready, and remove jewelry first when getting un-ready. Avoid contact with makeup, skincare, and haircare products, perfume, chlorine, saltwater, etc.

Wearing jewelry regularly can help slow tarnish due to contact with oils from skin. Polish gently with a soft, smooth cloth after each wear. Store jewelry away from sunlight and open air; storing MIMORVIE jewelry with the anti-tarnish tab in the MIMORVIE jewelry bag or box helps to slow tarnish.

For those with sensitive skin, we suggest briefly and gently washing the jewelry when first received in cool water and mild soap before wearing. After the first wash, we caution against any more contact with water to slow tarnish.